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Sometimes Change Can Happen Internally

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You are so fed up you could spit. One more inane memo, one more stupid crack from a co-worker, one more clueless client and you vow you will check out for good. Every job has its good days and bad days, but lately your days start bad and head downhill from there. You are more than ready to call it quits.

Don’t throw in the towel quite yet though. Consider your years of service, your accrued benefits, the 401(k) and pension (if you’re lucky enough to work for an employer that provides one. Consider the fact that you know your corporate culture very well (maybe too well), and you know who to go to within your organization to get things done. Consider what it might be like to start over at another company or even in another career.
Some of you truly have put the best days behind you with your current employer and its time to move on. Others may find that there are alternative solutions to handing in your resignation that can renew your zest for your job without becoming unemployed. Consider the following three options:

1. Talk to your boss

Unless your boss is the source of all your woes at work, you may be able to get some changes accomplished through him or her. Even if they are the source of all your work woes, an honest conversation of the state of your mental affairs concerning your job may clear the air enough to effect some positive changes. In most cases, your boss should be on your side and should be willing to do anything within their power to keep you as a valued employee. This is especially true if you have shown yourself to be exemplary in the past. Let’s face it, it is much easier for your boss to deal with your current issues and keep you happy rather than spinning the roulette wheel of employment, hoping that they will find a replacement capable of…well actually replacing you. At the very best it will take them months of training (perhaps longer?) to get someone up to your speed so they have a vested interest in your happiness.

2. Internal Job Change

If you work for a large corporation its possible that your department has many different jobs you could take. If you enjoy your co-workers and get along with your boss, you may just need a change of responsibilities. Perhaps there is a special project coming online for which you could put yourself forward? Or there is a particular smaller (or larger) group that you would prefer to be a part of. Maybe you could even express an interest in a more or less supervisory role. Many older employees have found themselves thrust into the role of a supervisor by virtue of their tenure and they simply are not suited for management. This by itself could be the source of all your angst. Stepping back into a subordinate role could be the perfect thing to maintain your happiness and sanity.

3. Internal Department Transfer

If it is your department that is making you hate your job it might be time to go looking for greener pastures within your own organization. Even good companies have bad departments, and getting stuck in one of these could make what would otherwise be a stellar job into a living nightmare. Consider the possibilities of being transferred to a different department. At the very least it will provide you with a change of scenery without breaking your tenure with your current employer. At best, your knowledge of various areas of the company could make you a stronger and more valuable employee.

I know it can be so tempting to “get back” at your employer by handing in your resignation. That should be your last course of action though. Explore alternatives that will let you grow as a person and become more valuable at your current job first. It could be the best job change you’ve ever made.

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