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Why You NEED to Quit Your Job RIGHT NOW!

The days are gone forever where you went to college, got a job that was not personally rewarding, worked at the same place for 40 years, retired and then got bored, depressed and finally died. Thank goodness the world has changed in such a way that we are no longer trapped into this paradigm.

quit job cubicle hellWhen I worked in the corporate world I drifted through my life bored and depressed. I was well paid, but the money did nothing to combat the ennui that suffused my soul. My cubicle was like a prison. Even worse, I knew my employer has no loyalty to me whatsoever and would be more than ready and willing to release me for any reason that would please their customers or improve their bottom line.

In the 21st century we no longer need a corporate paycheck. We don’t need someone to tell us what our salary will be, whether we can publish a book, if you can take some time off. There’s no longer a need to validate your life through your corporate persona. You NEED to QUIT YOUR JOB, and start living life on your own terms.
Here are 9 reasons why you need to quit your job:

    1. Work Sucks – You may feel depressed and trapped in your job. You wonder what happened, why didn’t life work out the way it was supposed to? You stress over promotions, your salary, bonuses and you wonder if you can get rich online or through network marketing. Maybe you have an affair with someone at work. Your performance slips. And things keep heading downhill rapidly. Do you really want to get old and then look back at your life and say “Those were the worst 40 years ever?”
    2. Your BossDo you like your boss? If you do, you are in the minority. The relationship with your boss is toxic and stressful. You didn’t ask for the relationship, but had it forced upon you. Getting rid of your boss is a very strong reason why you don’t need your job.
    3. Your Coworkers – You will spend more time with your coworkers than you will with your own children and your spouse. Are these really the people you want to spend the bulk of your time with?
    4. Safety – In the 20th century you would get an entry level job right out of college. You would work hard and get a promotion and then another. Maybe you would make a lateral move in your own company or move to a larger company with better opportunities. You would continue to get promotions, change roles and jobs, and then retire with a nice pension and/or retirement account. The 21st century has ended this perfect life, if it ever existed. I know you thought it was safe and stable. It wasn’t. It isn’t now either. Your job is NOT safe.
    5. Home – Tied into the safety myth was the myth that you need to own a home. A home showed you were stable, reliable, trust worthy. The bankers who trapped you into this debt slavery liked lending to people who were like them. Trapped in a cubicle, trapped in debt, and trapped on the hamster wheel. The truth is that a home is another trap. When you factor in all the expenses of homeownership it is not a savings, it is a stressful liability.
    6. Young Choices – Most people are not happy with the work they do and they don’t like it. They often stay because after finishing 4 or 6 or 8 years of college they feel as if this is the path the MUST take. They chose architecture or business or psychology when they started college at the wise age of 18 and now feel like they can’t do anything else. You can, and if you’re unhappy you should do something else.
    7. College – Everyone used to believe that college was necessary to get ahead. In the 21st century it isn’t. So stop worrying about where you will get the $100,000’s to send your kids to college. They can get ahead in the new world without a college degree. You don’t need your job for this expense.
    8. Fear – It is fear that keeps most of us at our jobs. Fear that we won’t find another job. Fear that we will be seen as strange if we leave. Fear of the unknown. Stop living your life in fear and start living it for the possibilities. If you need to go back to a normal job you can, there’s no need to fear.
    9. Your Job is Sucking You Dry – Every day you come to work and do the same damn thing. You need to feel refreshed, jolted, rejuvenated, needed, productive, creative.

I will admit that some people love their jobs. They work with people they like, they do something that makes them feel useful, some are even passionate about what they do. This article isn’t for those people, it’s for the others who do not feel this way.

I understand that you do need to have money to support yourself and your family. You probably can’t just walk into your boss’ office and quit today or tomorrow. You need to start planning and examine your options though. Put yourself in a position where you CAN quit your job. Calculate how much you need to save and do it. Don’t procrastinate on this. Get moving and keep moving forward every day. Otherwise, you could be looking back in 40 years saying “WTF was THAT all about?”

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  • Steve MoneyPlanSOS Stewart

    Your timing for this article is impeccable.

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